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Rules of engagement

This is a beta version of Kimonote. It's mostly functional (I use it to host my blog and as of late December 2017 Kimonote has managed to serve about 10700 visitors with 37600 pages almost without incidents), but do not store truly sensitive information here.

The beta won't last forever: while I would love to turn this into a business, I'm not yet sure how to approach it. In the future, some currently available features might become paid or disabled. I will do my best to see you right (which might include giving free/discounted accounts to early beta users), but in any case I will not hold your data hostage: at any point feel free to contact to get an export of all your notes, tags and streams.

There's no formal feature roadmap yet: in an arbitrary order, things I would like to add are email subscriptions to streams, importers (from other blogging platforms or RSS or bookmarklets), post-by-email, autotagging notes using natural language processing, downloading notes rendered in PDF/ePUB, bulk editing (add/remove tag/delete/publish/unpublish everything in the current stream), a REST API or maintaining a note history.

Finally, I would love to hear your feedback at!

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