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Hello world!
@justin 4 days, 19 hours ago
Kimonote seems pretty awesome.
I've never felt less in control of my own hardware
@mildbyte 4 days, 23 hours ago thoughts tech
Introduction Once upon a time I bought a car. I drove it straight out of the dealership and parked it on my driveway. This is a thought experiment, as youth in the UK can't afford neither a car nor a ...
Kimonote API
@kimonote (link) 3 weeks, 2 days ago kimonote announcements api
Kimonote now has a basic REST API with a couple of endpoints that allow you to get a JSON version of any stream as well as programmatically create, update, read and delete notes. More information in the User Guide!
Kimonote now supports bookmarklets!
@kimonote 4 weeks, 1 day ago kimonote announcements bookmarklets
Kimonote now supports bookmarklets: tiny snippets of code that allow you to quickly create a new note/bookmark without leaving the website you're on. For example, this bookmarklet will show the Kimonote note creation view, prepopulated with the currently selected text ...
Kimonote: Comments and changes to RSS importers
@kimonote 1 month ago kimonote announcements comments
Kimonote now supports optional comments on public notes. Comments can be edited by their creator and deleted by their creator or the note owner. In addition, notes imported via RSS are now uneditable: this is to allow the imported note ...
Kimonote: RSS importers
@kimonote 1 month ago kimonote announcements rss
Kimonote now supports RSS importers: you can set it up to poll RSS feeds and add new entries from them into your personal notes. In conjunction with the e-mail exporter function, this allows you to build newsletters that deliver information ...
Against the synchronous society
@mildbyte 1 month, 2 weeks ago work thoughts
PhD comics Introduction Imagine if we could turn this: into this: The first picture is a graph of how many people enter the London Underground network every minute on a weekday. The second graph is for the weekend, except slightly ...
project Betfair, part 8
@mildbyte 1 month, 3 weeks ago programming python betfair scala
Introduction Previously on project Betfair, we gave up on market making and decided to move on to a simpler Betfair systematic trading idea that seemed to work. Today on project Betfair, we'll trade it live and find out it doesn't ...
12 months, 24 albums
@mildbyte 1 month, 4 weeks ago music
Introduction This was a weird year. In the world, we experienced the first year of a Trump presidency and Britain's first attempts at trying to leave the European Union. On my side, I left my first job in the first ...
MTA, SPF, DKIM, PTR, WTF: a quick checklist on how to send e-mail from your domain
@mildbyte 2 months ago programming kimonote email
Introduction While I'm writer's-blocked on continuing with project Betfair (well, more like blocked on not being able to reproduce my old research results in order to fit the narrative I thought I had), here's a quick story from the development ...
Test note.
@webspinstress 2 months ago
This is just a test to see how links are handled. [[]]
Kimonote: announcing stream exporters + small changelog
@kimonote 2 months ago kimonote announcements streams exporters
Kimonote now supports stream subscriptions, or exporters. You can configure Kimonote to send you a weekly/daily/hourly/5-minutely digest of new notes in a given stream. There's a small guide on how to use them, available here. In addition, there are some ...
project Betfair, part 7
@mildbyte 2 months ago programming python betfair scala
Introduction Previously on project Betfair, we ran the production market-making CAFBot in Scala, got it working, made some money, lost some money and came back with some new ideas. Today, we'll test those ideas, look at something that's much more ...
project Betfair, part 6
@mildbyte 2 months, 1 week ago programming betfair scala
Introduction Previously on project Betfair, we spent some time tuning our market making bot and trying to make it make money in simulation. Today, we'll use coding and algorithms to make (and lose) us some money in real life. Meet ...
Kimonote User Guide
@kimonote 2 months, 1 week ago kimonote guide
Introduction Kimonote is a text-first minimalist blogging platform and note organizer that focuses on ease of navigation and control over content that a user follows. This is a rough outline of Kimonote features and how to use them. If you ...

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